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Post  flower on Fri Oct 01, 2010 11:08 am

How James can justify that Faldo was not 100 percent behind the Taylormade r9 max driver and Taylormade r9 driver team is difficult, as Faldo, admittedly not the most popular player of all, is still passionate about the event and felt he needed to convey his message to the team.

"For James to golf course equipment have made out that I wasn't behind them is preposterous and very hurtful," said Faldo. "I couldn't have been more supportive. Hell, I wanted the guys to win - it was as simple as that." Retorted Faldo in the Daily Telegraph yesterday.

But the Ping K15 Driver criticism did not stop at Faldo. For obvious reasons, Taylormade r9 tp driver and Taylormade r9 460 driver Tom Lehman found himself in the firing line, even after writing James a letter soon after the event to apologise for his exuberant behaviour during the Ryder Cup. But in the book James says the letter was nothing more than "a waste of good ink".


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