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Yes, Season csi miami season dvd5 Spoilers already! Can you believe I get to make this post?! Matt is going to be so jealous! (Matt: I am! But I get to update it.)November 23rd – EW How will Liz Lemon Desperate Housewives season dvdand company be celebrating the holidays? With (SPOILER ALERT) some pretty major life eventsdisney dvd box set, particularly for expectant-dad Jack (Alec Baldwin), though the bundledisney dvd setof joy isn't due until early 2011. "The Christmas episodedisney princess dvd is the big one for us," executive producer Robert CarlockDoctor Who series dvd says. "It's the long-awaited reunion of Jack's biological parentsGhost Whisperer season dvd. A couple of years ago, Jack discovered his real fatherGossip Girl season dvd, but just to avoid an argument, he hasn't told his mother that he knows her shameful sex secret[url=" That means guest appearances from Elaine Stritch Lost complete series dvdand Alan Alda as said parents, with the requisite -screen fireworks.Leading up to that family reunion Will Forte will return as Jenna's drag-queen-who-dresses-as-her boyfriend for a few episodes. "They have some ups and downs," Carlock saysThe Hills season dvd. "He wants to try to be a normal couple, and she is afraid of that level of commitment." New Year's, meanwhile, will herald the return of another significant-other guest star, thanks to possible nuptials for Jack and baby-mama Avery The Tudors dvd(Elizabeth Banks): "The plan is for Jack and Avery to get married on New Year's Eve on a French-speaking island," Carlock teases, "but we discover when they get back that not everything went as planned."November 17th – TV Guide 1 – 2Looks like Alan AldaThe twilight zone collection, Elaine Strtich and Sherri Shepherd will all be returning to 30 Rock in the near futureThe unit dvd. Here's what they'll be up to: More than five decades after their one-night stand, Jack Donaghy's parent.veronica mars dvd, Colleen (Elaine Stritch) and Milton Greene (Alan Alda), will reunite for the first time on the December 9 episode of NBC's 30 Rock. "I first met Elaine probably 20 years ago but never worked with her beforewalt disney beauty and the beast," says Alda. "I always knew the reunion would be interesting. We kid with each other a lot, and our characters have a common enemy in their son." As for the "bizarre" story line, Alda says, "It involves what would make Jack happy for Christmaswalt disney dvd. His main object is to get even with his mother for his whole lifeWoody Ellen dvd." But the plan backfires, and the family ends up spending Christmas in the hospital. No wonder Mama Donaghy doesn't look so merry. "Tracy Jordan's (Tracy Morgan) wife, Angie (The View's Sherri Shepherd), will be getting her own Real Housewives-type reality show," reveals the NBC sitcom's executive producer Robert Carlock. "Having the cameras around forces Tracy to act on better behavior."


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