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Post  snowerx on Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:08 am

I am a huge fan of the True Blood dvd HBO series. The first season of true blood seasons 1-3 dvd boxset was great, second season....just was too much sex/orgies, but the third season of true blood seasons 1-3 dvd boxset was fantastic. I can't wait for next summer to see what season 4 has in store. Yes the true blood series differs from the books, but why put any kind of negative remarks...they made the series...that's all that matters. Love the cast..they all really make true blood seasons 1-3 just awesome to watch. This was a fantastic season...Nay sayers are simply lazy and have the attention span of a gnat....This was far superior to last season of true blood 1-3 with its endless orgies and the terrible maenad plot. You will love the changes from the book and you will love the complex energies of the story.... I just had to create my own review to cancel out Melissa's. Although I knew "true blood 1-3 dvd" craze was going on, I've never seen it. My favorite show is "Mad Men", so I've been watching that. Then I saw the cover of Rolling Stone and decided I'm going to check it out. I rented Seasons 1 & 2 of true blood 1-3 and watched them in one week, saw the beginning of the 3rd season online, and the last 3 episodes on HBO. I now own both seasons on DVD and am pre-ordering the 3rd. I love true blood seasons 1-3 and find it incredibly entertaining. And since this review is sort of a response to Melissa's critique: my husband thinks the show is stupid and doesn't watch it.
the hills seasons 1-6 dvd boxset followed the lives of several young women in Los Angeles. The hills series' four original starring members are Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, and Heidi Montag; Kristin Cavallari, Stephanie Pratt, and Lo Bosworth subsequently become focal points following the departures of Port, Conrad, and Montag.everyone in the hills seasons 1-6 dvd boxset is an actor or actress who does not do a very good job of it. Most of the acting is just deprived because of the script the hills seasons 1-6. It seems that just before they film a scene or a part of an episode they will just tell the actors what to say and do because all the actions in the hills 1-6 and speech is delayed or somewhat paused. There is no way in REALITY that people in L.A. or anywhere in the world would talk like the hills 1-6 dvd. (If you have ever seen Bryans girlfriend from family guy seasons 1-8 dvd boxset then she is a classic example of how all the girls act on the show.) I have never actually watched an episode from start to finish but I figured out that a fight in this REALITY is two girls chatting then one walking out the room, walking back in, then they both discuss how they feel about each other and bitch over who said what in the first place.

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