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Post  buffyscrubs on Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:50 am

This week's Gossip The Prisoner complete seriesGirl on the CWThe Prisoner dvd had to have The Prisoner dvd box setbeen the worst episode JAG dvd seasonof the seasonJAG dvdthus far. JAG box setThe love storyfather ted box set between Serenafather ted dvd and her professor, CollinSex and the City dvd box set, is probably the weakest Sex and the city seasons 1-6 dvd box setstory line the writers could have La Femme Nikita dvd seasoncome up with.La Femme Nikita dvd Why is it so difficultHow I met your mother dvd season for S and C to How I met your mother dvdwait a measly six weeksHow I met your mother 1-5 dvd box set to sleep togetherEverybody hates Chris dvd season. Does S not haveEverybody hates Chris dvd even that much Everybody hates Chris dvd box setself control. Although,Remington Steele dvd seasons she did surprise me when Remington Steele dvdshe only made out with Collin and left the room. She stuck to what she wanted to do. However, that little kiss can land her into a lot of trouble. Juliet, the most devious character, even more so than Blair, placed a cameraRemington Steele box set in S's bedroom. How exactlyXena Warrior Princess dvd season did she know thatXena Warrior Princess dvd the two would end Heroes dvdup there? The only goodHeroes box setthing about this episode was that Juliet's and Collin's relationship became clear, although not very interesting. The two are in fact cousins and "Ben" is in fact Juliet's brother. So what could S have possibly done to Juliet's family that they must ruin her life? Orlost Seasons 1-6 dvd at least get her expelled from Columbia. Cameos by Rachel Zoe and the guy from theLost dvd City couldn't save this episodeDark Angel dvd box set. The worst thing Dan could Dark Angel dvdhave done to get back Dawsons Creek dvd box setat Blair and Chuck was to show a silly video of BlairDawsons Creek dvd singing karaoke? Even her minions thought of a more devious plan, a sexDesperate Housewives dvd season tape of Blair and Uncle Bass. And couldn't Desperate Housewives dvdDan think of a more epic confession than walking intoDesperate Housewives box set the rooming and blurting it out. Very weak Humphrey.


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