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The two one tree hill season 7 on dvdprograms that fascinatthe big bang theory dvde me right now are the ucold case dvd box setltra-liberal "The West Wing" and the True blood season 3 dvdultra-conservative "JAGBurn Notice dvd."In every way, these twoBones dvd shows appear to be diametrically opposedDoctor Who dvd to ea= ch other, and yet I love them both. How, I am wondering, can this be?"The West Wing," as almost everyone knows, is about a humanisticpresiden= t of the United States named Josiah Bartlet, his devoted cadre of aides and= assistants, and how they run the country."JAG" (Judge Advocate General) is less ncis seasons 1-7well-known. It's about an elit= e group of military officers, led by former Navy SEAL Admiral A.J. Chegwidd= en, who are trained as lawyers and who have adventures while investigating,= prosecuting and defending people accused of military crimes."The West Wing" wins Emmys by the score, while "JAG" is almost invisible= in our entertainment-saturated media. We see interviews with Martin Sheen= , Rob Lowe, Allison Janney and Bradley Whitford all the time, but howthat 70s show dvd box set many people even know who David James Elliot The Golden Girls dvdis? (He's the too-handsome leading= man with three first names who plays Commander Harmon Rabb on "JAG.")"W=that 70s show dvd box set est Wing" creator Aaron SorkinBurn Notice dvd frequently makes news -- such asthe time he was arrested for carrying magic mushrooms, and later sentenced to rehab. D= onald P. Bellisario, who created "Magnum PI" and "Quantum Leap" before he c= reated one tree hill season 7 on dvd"JAG," is a shadowy sci-fi cult figure who sometimes makes appearanc= es on the show.When you watch the twoBurn Notice dvd programs long enough, however,that 70s show dvd box set the similarities b= ecomeHeroes box set striking. First of all, both do what hour-longLost dvd box set dramas are supposed to= do -- theLost dvdy entertain. If they didn't, theyDark Angel dvd box set wouldn't be on network televis= ion for long."JAG" debuted on NBC in 1995 and moved toCBS in 1996, where it is stil= l going strong.Both shows develop casts of charactersDark Angel dvd who are believable, attractive, i= ntelligent and competent. They both haveDawsons Creek dvd box set powerful female characters, altho= ugh on "JAG,"Dawsons Creek dvd Major Sarah MacKenzie (Catherine Bell), who can fight and spe= ak Russian as well as prosecute and defend, never Desperate Housewives dvd seasonseems to win a courtroom battle against Rabb.Both shows try to humanize people in high places andDesperate Housewives dvd have storylines tha= t highlight the stresses, challenges and responsibilities that come from wo= rking in government and the Desperate Housewives box setmilitary.Both shows indulge us in the fantasy of the benign yet patriarchal boss -- both Bartlett and Chegwidden are caring anScrubs dvd seasond nurturing as well as command= ing. (ForScrubs dvd the reality, try the cartoon Dilbert.)
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