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Post  flower on Wed Sep 29, 2010 4:32 am

"I really believe that Callaway X 24 Hot Irons if Mark's a part of the team at the next Ryder Cup, it's going to stir the whole thing up again," said Faldo. "It's going to create a volcano, Callaway FT-iZ Fairway Wood and Callaway ft-i squareway wood who knows what is going to happen when it erupts. Mark's comments have provided fuel to the fire when I think we all agree that when it comes to the next Ryder Cup, it's all got to come down a couple of notches."

Faldo believes that James has abused his position as Captain, more for Golf clubs financial gain rather than just telling the Callaway FT-9 Driver truth about the matter. Andrew Chandler (Darren Clarke and Lee Westwood's manger ) said to James that there could be "A few bob in it" if James wrote a book on the Brookline story, but Faldo strongly believes that James breached everybody's trust who sat in the team room.


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