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Post  Bathery on Fri Aug 27, 2010 3:16 am

The Atlantic Cold Case dvd box set Paranormal Society returned last night True Blood dvd for the start of Ghost Hunters' sixth season and great disney dvd box set Caesar's ghost, they came packed with serious chills. Which is fitting, Golden Girls dvd since case #1 found the crew spending the night at an allegedly haunted hotel in Cooperstown, NY.

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Now, usually, Gilmore Girls dvdthe show is all vague, off-camera sounds "what was that?" The unit dvd box set instead of actual on-screen apparitions or events. This time, Entourage seasons 1-6 dvdhowever, the TAPS team served up a few frights that were definitely visible, including an undeniable dexter seasons 1-4 dvd box setshadow in a darkened, windowless hallway that startled even seasoned investigators Britt and K.J., Seinfeld dvd box setand a flashlight that turned itself on after fellow spirit chasers
the sopranos dvd box setKris and Amy fired up a child's music box.

To make matters even more supernatural, the ladies also caught a disembodied sons of anarchy dvd box setvoice on tape whispering their names and the audio of a door opening while they were sleeping. Not right! And not exactly Frasier dvd box setwhat most guests consider an amenity when checking in at a swanky hotel, but it's definitely what viewers are hoping for when they check out a show like this.

Do you believe in ghosts? And more importantly, do you think the Ghost Hunters are for real?


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